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Raw Chef Olga's Services

• Private Chef Catering
• Raw Vegan Cake Catering
• Raw Food Detox Week Consultation
• Introduction to Raw Foods
• Advanced Techniques of
  Raw Food Preparation Training

• Fundamentals of Raw, Living Foods

• Raw Foods Instructor Training
• Restaurant & Spa Menu Development

Private Chef Service

I will come to your place to prepare healthy, delicious gourmet dishes for you and your loved ones. We will jointly decide on your menu and the choice of ingredients to maximize nutritional benefits and satisfy your palate. Please call Olga 805-857-0862 to discuss your raw food needs and preferences.

Raw Vegan Cake Catering

Vitality Gourmet can help you create a unique dessert experience with my organic, raw, vegan special desserts. I will work with you to create the dessert of your choice. I also have a range of already very popular cakes that we can offer which you can read about just below.

Vitality Gourmet has created the ultimate living raw vegan cakes, pies and desserts you can actually feel good about. They are not only delicious, they are uniquely nutritious, as well as having a higher anti-oxidant and nutrition content than their baked counterparts.

Imagine a wedding party, your family get together, or your child's birthday where the desserts were actually great for you!

All my cakes, pies and desserts are wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, but best of all, guilt free! I use no refined sweeteners - only whole fruits, agave or yacon syrup both which are Low GI plant based sweeteners.

All desserts are made to order and are always organic wherever possible, vegan and raw.

Please contact Olga for delivery prices and times. 805-857-0862.

Most Popular Raw Chef Olga Cakes

• English Cream and Fresh Fruit Torte
• California Mudslide Pie
• Melt-away Chocolate Truffles
• Chocolate Fudge
• Key Lime Pie
• Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

• Tiramisu
• Peach Cobbler
• Apple Pie
• Cacao Nib Peppermint Ice Cream
• Avocado Lime Sherbet
• Fruit Sorbets

Fresh Juice and Raw Food Detox Week 

I have been fasting once or twice a year for the past 20 years. My favorite place is OHI in San Diego. As a Gourmet Chef I like complex flavors and textures, but the raw food detox diet at OHI is truly designed to help the body get rid of the toxins and transition to a healthier lifestyle.  Please consult your physician before starting any detoxification diet.

 Please call for more information and pricing at 805-857-0862.

Raw Food Detox Consultation:

Cost: $60 for 1 h of consultation time

Introduction to Raw Foods
This 5-hour, hands-on training teaches you everything you need to know to make healthy and delicious raw breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts from scratch each day—in 30 minutes or less!

In this training, you will:
•  Learn how to tailor the diet to your individual needs and tastes.
•  Learn what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks on the raw food diet
•  Learn how to get enough protein and other needed nutrients on the raw food diet.
•  Learn how to do the right advance preparation each week so that daily food prep is quick and easy.
•  Practice fundamental knife skills and equipment use.
•  Gain hands-on experience preparing breakfast juices, smoothies, and cereals.
•  Gain hands-on experience preparing soups, patιs, salads and dressings, elegant entrιes, and scrumptious desserts.
•  Practice the art of flavor balancing and seasoning.
•  Learn how to select and store fresh fruits, greens, and vegetables, and how to set up your raw foods kitchen.
•  Learn how to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight.
•  Learn how to stay healthy and raw while traveling.

Sample Menu: Green Juice, Fruit Smoothies, Granola with Almond Milk, Caesar Salad with Mock Ranch Dressing, Garden Vegetable Soup, Not Tuna Patι, Cruditιs Platter, California Rolls, Zucchini Noodles with Marinara Sauce, Mediterranean Kale, Chocolate Mousse Tart

Different recipes are available. Olga can tailor the menu to your nutritional needs and tastes.

Cost: call for pricing , 5 hours, includes the cost of ingredients and all the sampling

Advanced Techniques of Raw Food Preparation
This 5-hour hands-on course takes your raw food training to the next level. Take one training, or a series of four trainings at a discount. Olga will tailor the recipes and techniques to your unique preferences.

Some of the things you might learn in an advanced training include:
•  Mastery of knife techniques, as you practice opening coconuts and slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing, and julienning common fruits and vegetables.
•  Hands-on experience, including advanced techniques, using high-speed blenders, food processors, juicers, and dehydrators.
•  How to make sushimaki, spring rolls, lasagna, pizza, garden burgers, falafel, and other impressive entrιes.
•  How to make gourmet desserts that are as good as any you'd get at a 5-star restaurant, including tarts, pies, crisps, cakes, custards, cookies, and ice creams
•  Hands-on experience creating gourmet, four-course, All-American, Pan-Asian, Italian, Latin-American, Holiday, and/or Mediterranean meals.
•  Secrets of Raw "Baking," including sprouted grain breads, flax crackers, and crepes.

Cost: call for pricing/5-hr course; call for series discount

Fundamentals of Raw, Living Foods (2-Day Class)
This class is designed for the future Raw Food Chefs or the enthusiasts who want to be professional in their raw food kitchen.

It is a 2-day class taught at my kitchen or your location. Housing accommodations can be provided at special request. In this class you will learn:
•  Soaking, sprouting and kitchen gardening
•  Making rejuvelac, veggie kraut and other fermented foods
•  Making nut milks, creams and tasty raw non-dairy cheeses
•  Introduction to the equipment and supplies- food processors, juicers, dehydrators, and the use of other important culinary equipment
•  Basic fruit smoothies, soups, sauces, salad dressings, salads, simple entries, wrap and rolls, pates and easy deserts

Day One:

•  Intro to Raw Foods
•  Sprouting
•  Rejuvelac
•  Almond Milk
•  Cheese making

•  Buckweed Granola
•  Black forest brownie
•  Pecan pate
•  Wrap & Roll
•  Smoothies

Day Two:  Note: Anything denoted as "Demo" is a “NO HANDS ON” class.

•  Food-Combining Principles
•  Dressings, marinade, sauces (Demo)
•  Flax crackers and flatbereads (Demo)

•  Cabbage kraut (Demo)
•  Veggie Pasta and Spiral Slicer (Demo)
•  Carrot Apple Kuchen (Demo)

Cost: $call for pricing

Note: Although, in one day of this class training, you will not be able to learn all the techniques, you will be able to observe the final results through the demo.

If you want to become serious about the Raw Food Chef techniques either for your kitchen or as a business, I recommend to take this Essentials of Raw Food.

Essentials of Raw Foods
This is a 5-day, hands-on class: YOU MAKE ALL THE FOOD.

The classes will start at 9 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m. with one-hour lunch break. Food included.

In Essentials of Raw Foods you will learn
•  Techniques for healthy meal preparation
•  Setting up your raw food kitchen
•  Using basic equipment common in a raw kitchen
•  Basic knife technique: chopping, dicing, mincing, julienning, chiffonade
•  How to follow the recipe
•  Hands-on in making fruit smoothies, fresh garden soups, sauces, sald dressings, salads, simple entries, wraps and rolls, pates, crackers, deserts
•  Flavor balancing
•  Basics of raw food nutrition, food combining
•  Alternatives sweeteners and thickeners
•  Creating cooked textures and flavors

Day One:
•  Knife techniques
•  Following recipe
•  Sprouting rules and soak seeds
•  Make granola, cabbage kraut, black forest cherry brownies
•  Make garden soups, flax crackers, almond cheese
•  Sushi rolling and plating
•  Kitchen clean up

Day Two:
•  Flavor dynamics and balancing
•  Make crust and apple pie
•  Make cashew cream for pie garnishing
•  Italian Flavors:
•  Make Pasta, Pesto, Marinara, Alfredo Sauce
•  Make Parmesan Cheese
•  Kitchen clean up

Day Three:
•  Raw vegan nutrition
•  Food combining
•  High energy diet nutrition guide
•  Acidity and alkalinity effects of raw nutrition
•  Sources of proteins, carbs and fats
•  Plant wheatgrass/sunflower greens
•  Setting up and managing your raw food kitchen
•  Make seasoned dehydrated seeds
•  Make zucchini pepper wraps
•  Kitchen clean up

Day Four:
•  Secrets of perfect marinades, dressings and sauces
•  The five basic flavor elements
•  Latin American flavors
•  Make salsa, Mexican seasoned cabbage
•  Make hot lava sauce, guacamole
•  Make burritos
•  Make garden soups
•  Kitchen clean up

Day Five:
•  How to convert classic cooked flavors to comparable raw dishes
•  Creating cooked textures and flavors
•  Make cherry vanilla cheesecake with pecan crumble crust
•  Harvest sprouts
•  How to work with coconuts
•  Make coconut cream
•  Make parfaits
•  Make banana ice cream with chocolate sauce
•  Kitchen clean up

Cost of 5-day one-on-one training is $1,700

5-Day Advanced Technique & Instructor Training

•   Raw Food talk training
•  How to prepare a demo
•  Organizing Professional Raw Food Classes

Hands-on Recipes:

•  Not Tuna Pate
•  Dijon Dressing
•  Seaflower Snacks
•  Dilled Cucumber Salad
•  East Asian Sauces: Spicy
     Sweet n' Sour
•  Asian Style Wild Rice
•  Asian Slaw
•  Sesame Sea Palm and
     Cucumber Salad
•  Bon Bon Sauce
•  Vietnamese Salad Rolls

•  Teriyaki Sauce
•  Vegetable Teriyaki
     Stirred, Not Fried
•  Minestrone Soups
•  Pizza Crust, Sauce, Topping
•  Truffles and Fudge
•  Olive Herb Dressing
•  Lasagna
•  Banana Nut Brittle
•  Kiwi Lime Tart
•  Linguini Parody

•  Garlic Herb Croutons
•  Quiche Crust
•  Almond Bread
•  Date Walnut Scones
•  Gazpacho
•  Pesto Almond Torte
•  Flax Shards
•  Caesar Salad with Almond
     Herb Croutons
•  French Vanilla Ice Cream
•  Strawberry Sauce

Cost: call for pricing

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Pastry Unbaked Training (4 days)

•  Natural Binders, Thickeners, Gelling Agents and Emulsifiers
•  Sweeteners


•  California Mudslide Pie
•  Melt-away Chocolate Truffles
•  Chocolate Fudge Coating
•  Key Lime Pie
•  Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
•  Lemon Slip
•  Rasberry Jam
•  Meringue
•  Tiramisu
•  Peach Cobbler

•  Apple Pie
•  Cacao Nib Peppermint Ice Cream
•  Avocado Lime Sherbet
•  Fruit Sorbets
•  Rasberry Coulins
•  Fruit chips
•  Irish Moss Gel
•  Agar Agar
•  Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Cost: call for pricing

Restaurant & Spa Menu Development
A Raw Food Training Package for your staff and guests, with customized dishes to meet the specific requirements for your spa or retreat.

•  Recipes: how to prepare and serve them
•  Work 'hands on' with your kitchen staff to develop a menu of fabulous healthy gourmet Raw Food cuisine
•   Create breakfast, lunch and dinner spa menu
•   Cover sprouting, juicing, appetizers, snacks, desserts, dressings, sauces, entrees, nut milk smoothies, sprouted breads and crackers
•   Create a recipe class for guests filled with information on the benefits of Raw Foods
•   Offer a lecture for staff and guests on the benefits of the Raw Food nutrition
•   Develop a 5-day Raw Gourmet Retreat Program and work with your marketing department to position your spa as a final destination for rejuvenating gourmet Raw Food cuisine

To find out more details, cost and availability to book Raw Chef Olga for your Spa or Kitchen Staff Training, contact Olga at:, or call 805-857-0862

For reserving your selection of classes or training, please call Olga at
805-857-0862 or use the contact info on this website.

R E C I P E S   

Italian Herb Dressing
Energy Soup - Southwest Style
Carrot Asparagus Soup
Easy Avocado Burritos
Fennel Delights
Marinated Kale Salad
Mango-Papaya Fruit Salad
Chocolate Orange Mousse


• Private Chef Catering
• Raw Vegan Cake Catering
• Fresh Juice and Raw Food Detox Week  and Living Raw Consultation
• Introduction to Raw Foods
• Advanced Techniques of
  Raw Food Preparation Training

• Fundamentals of Raw,
  Living Foods
• Essentials of Raw Foods
• Raw Foods Instructor Training
• Pastry Unbaked Training
• Restaurant & Spa Menu


• Why Raw?
• Forget Cooking!
• All-American
   Comfort Foods

• Latin American Fiesta
• Raw Italy
• Flavors of the Mediterranean
• Divine Desserts
• Holiday Favorites
• Kitchen Gardening
• Breakfast & Brunch
• Wrap & Roll
• Specialized Menu Classes


Group Classes & Demos:
• Raw Italy
  (Jan. 17, '09)
• Healthy Day
  (Feb. 1, '09)
•Gourmet Valentine
(Feb 8, '09)


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